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President and First Lady Nygren
With a renewed sense of hope and determination, this third phase aims to reach even more individuals, bolstering economic revival, fostering innovation, and ultimately weaving a tapestry of prosperity for the entire Navajo Nation. Together, we embrace the future with optimism, celebrating the strength and perseverance of our community.

President Dr. Buu Nygren




Navajo artisans and small businesses have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. HN4 Solutions and Navajo DED are launching an outreach plan to assist grassroots artisans and small businesses with applications for the 2024 Relief Program. Look out for events on our website and social media for crucial support and technical assistance!

#NavajoEmpowerment #ThreadsOfResilience

Navajo DED

"The 2024 Artisan and Small Business Relief Program is not just about financial assistance; it's a commitment to empowering dreams and fostering resilience."

-Tony Skrelunas, Executive Director

Division of Economic Development

HN4 Solutions

Strengthen Business Operations through Technology

HN4 Solutions is a key partner in the Navajo Nation's economic development efforts, contributing expertise and resources to support sustainable growth and recovery. HN4 Solutions is contracted to manage the outreach and marketing of grant program across the Navajo Nation, through their partnership with Tribal D, Inc. the management and processing of applications through TribeVue® software supports the processing of payments to qualified grant recipients. 

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