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If I previously been awarded a grant for Artisan and Small Business?

At the current time, the Navajo Artisan and Small Business Grant Relief can only be awarded one time. If you have been previous grant recipient you are not able to receive another grant. This grant can only be awarded to new approved applicants. 

Do Artisans need to register their business with the Navajo Nation Business Regulatory Office? 

Artisan applicants are not required to provide registration as a small business with Business Regulatory Office. However, if you are an artisan who is applying for small business grant and have revenue between $100,000 to $3,000,000, you must register your business with Business Regulatory Office and provide certificate of good standing.

If someone previously applied as a business owner, can they apply a second time as an artisan?


This program is funded through ARPA related legislation CJY-41-21 which funds defunded programs of the CARES Act related legislation CJY-67-20. Applicant eligibility states that applicants may not have previously received reimbursement by another Federal Program and/or any disaster relief program, Navajo Nation programs. applicants may receive one or the other, but not both.

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