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Navajo Artisan & Small Business Relief

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development's 2024 Artisan and Small Business Grant Program - "Threads of Resilience: Weaving Dreams of Prosperity!"


This incredible initiative, inspired by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, is here to support and uplift Navajo artisans and small business owners affected by the pandemic.


In the aftermath of challenging times, many of our talented artisans and entrepreneurs faced setbacks, losing crucial support for their families and businesses. But guess what? We're turning the tide together!


Recognizing the vital role grassroots efforts play in rebuilding our economy, the Navajo Nation is committed to providing a solid foundation for thriving industries.


And here's the best part – the Navajo Nation DED is launching a brand-new online portal in the coming weeks, ready to accept applications from those who haven't been served before.


Let's weave dreams of prosperity and resilience! Stay tuned for your chance to shine and revive your passions.

#NavajoStrong #EconomicRevival #ThreadsOfResilience

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